About Us

What is KarMo?

We know searching for a venue for your special occasion in New York City is time consuming and can be frustrating.

What is the best location for my event / party?
Will the venue have the right vibe for your crowd?
Will they try to charge too large minimum bar commits or buy out fees for your group?
Will you have issues with the doorman/staff?
Will the venues deliver on their promises?

Wouldn’t you rather just tell the NY Venue Experts what you are looking for and have us Search, Present options, Negotiate & Close best possible conditions for you?
In addition, have a KarMo Host on site on your day to make sure everything will roll out smoothly?... and all this for free?

We take Fun, Networking and Social time extremely seriously, and we will just devote to your event’s success. Period.

How does KarMo make this happen for you?

Our many years of promoting experience, event planning, venue management, industry networking and basically, intense partying, allow us to ... just know what venues will work best for your event and how we can get your group the best deals.

We proactively help you chose venue based on which one will deliver the best experience for your group.

We take a lot of care selecting our venue partners. We only work with those we trust will treat you best! We told you we are devoted to your event so we will take NO RISKS with venues that have not been fully KarMo certified. *More about the KarMo certification coming soon*

So just submit your party request though our Home Page and we will present you with personalized options for your event and help you make the decision STRESS FREE and charge free, since we already have established agreements with all the venues.

How was KarMo born?

We started promoting parties and taking groups to private events until we realized there were many sources of customer dissatisfaction in the NY night life, event planning and venue booking process.

Finding the formula to "beat the Beast of the NYC nightlife" and make the client come first became our obsession, and we didn’t stop until we figured it out and whole booking process with those lessons learned and best practices.

We know how to match you to the best venues and how to make sure we will be part of making your event a HAPPY MOMENT. It may sound cheesy, but we do firmly believe in that– helping provide Happy Moments-

In addition, there was a strong desire from the founder to destine profits generated from "partying" to those who need it the most. A % of all KarMo profits are destined every year to charity projects, directly managed by KarMo and family members with no intermediaries.

We help create Happy Moments in New York so that you help us create Happy Moments in India and other places in the world, where we have most of our Charity projects going on at this time.