"We know we can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone!" And this is how we do it at KarMo:

We dedicate about 20% of our revenues to charity causes. Our mission is to grow so much that we can fund an attached NGO that can be self sustainable and work on many different humanitarian causes around the world. Book events with us and help us reach our goal!

Our first encounter with a charity project took place some years ago. Through a family member who periodically travels to Kameswaran, State of Tamil Nadu in the Southeast of India, we have direct access to the nuns from St’Anne Congregation, who live there and who transmitted us the need to have a building that could serve as a learning center to teach women an office. This building also serves to give classes and educate children that do not have the possibility to get out of the village to go to school, since the closest school is many miles away. We built the center in the memory of a family member, Carla, and we achieved this mostly through family and friends fundraising efforts.

The people from the village are able to learn an office and reach an autonomy that can help them have a better life amongst so much poverty, lack of opportunities and desolation.

Now KarMo is committed to oversee the maintenance, continue building new centers and expand to fund new projects wherever they are most needed.