"I couldn’t recommend them enough... The KarMo team is professional, warm and extremely responsive. I can just relax knowing that whatever venues they propose and manage for my events will be just perfect" -- Mike, Corporate Event Producer

"The KarMo team made the impossible possible, and with a ton of style... We needed a space for European Young professionals, ~350 people for a Saturday night and not only did we receive great options in less than 24 hours, but we were able to secure priority line, good open bar prices and everyone got in! The KarMo host On Site was the best! The venue kept changing moods and we had some problems with people that were being charged or not being allowed in and our KarMo host dealt with the doormen, solved all our problems, and was also fun to hang out with! I would have never attempted to go with a group this size to a prime nightlife venue on a Saturday, but we trusted KarMo and they surpassed our expectations!" -- Maria, Banco Santander

"The work done by The KarMo team was impeccable. Great options, fast turn around and great attitude even when I kept changing my mind for places (sorry!:)) They presented me 7! attractive and accessible venues that would help us drive attendance to our Fundraiser. Loved the place and the food. Thank you KarMo for your commitment to our event and for donating to our cause too!" -- Tauheed, Children of Tomorrow

"Karmo does the best job finding the perfect venues for my needs. I've partnered with them for both personal and corporate events knowing they will go above and beyond to coordinate details, customize the venue experience and overall provide a very satisfying experience! I will continue to use them every time!" -- Bita, E&Y manager

"As part of the School’s graduation celebration, I was tasked with hosting an event that would accommodate both evening and weekend students. Because springtime is so nice in New York, I wanted to find an outdoor location, but I quickly realized that finding outdoor space for a group of ~100 on a Saturday in May was quite difficult. I started calling a few places but thankfully a friend suggested I worked with KarMo . The team ad some great suggestions, and also contacts to help expedite the inquiry and booking process. I told them that we had a limited budget to work with, which was not a problem and did not detract from her enthusiasm and hard work. In the end, our event was almost perfect-- the reason why I say almost is because it rained throughout the day/night so attendance was smaller than expected, but that's not something the KarMo team could have prevented. For me, it was nice to be able to step away from the planning and feel confident letting KarMo take the reigns. The guest list was organized, the space was available as expected and in spite of the rain, many people came out and had a great time!" -- Becca, NYU alumni

"After launching my company, I was looking for cost effective solutions to advertise. I had been an acquaintance of the KarMo founder, and after congratulating me on my company launch, she offered her services as an event planner; it hadn't even crossed my mind to plan a launch party. I was a bit hesitant at first, because I was concerned about high costs, and driving my company into debt before we even fully became established. I mean, hosting an event at a classy NYC venue has to be expensive, right? Well, after letting KarMo work their magic, I was surprised at how many venues that KarMo was affiliated with and how well they negotiated their terms for each event. Before I knew it, I had several venues with prime day/time slots at the palm of my hand. The rates I received were beyond affordable, and I couldn't be happier with the venue that we finally chose (and the terms on the contract)! Then, at the time of the event, the founder herself was in attendance to make sure that everything ran smoothly, and I couldn't have asked for a better night. See for yourself in our blog titled Launch Party Success. We are planning another fundraiser event at the end of the year, and there is no doubt that we will be using KarMo!" -- Scott, Real Men Lift Women.

"Goodbye's are sad, but KarMo helped me throw a Goodbye NYC party in style. And when I say helped, I mean they took care of A-to-Z, all I had to do was show up. They chose the perfect venue for the crowd, made sure everyone got in to the club and hooked us up with incredible service at our table inside. Without KarMo, I would have ended up saying goodbye to my friends at the Starbucks around the block" -- Belin, Barclays

"While I was presiding over the graduate student government of the School, I worked with KarMo to plan several parties. They were always extremely considerate of our restrictions and limitations and took all of our requests into consideration when tailoring a party to fit our needs. One more than one occasion, I received positive feedback from the student community regarding the quality of the venues she secured for our events, as these were often venues that the typical NYC'er could not just walk into on a given weekend night. One party that stands out most notably to me is the victory party that they planned for myself and my EVP when we won the student government elections. Not only was KarMo able to secure a wonderful, classy venue , but our guests did not have to wait in long lines, had a private space to sit, and were also given a couple of complimentary bottles. The KarMo team is a pleasure to work with, and although I am graduating from the Masters, I would be happy to use her and her company's services again in the future!" -- Marci , former President of the NYU Part Time Students

"The KarMo team organized my birthday and it was the best party ever! I didn't have to do anything at all. My friends and I got to the place and we didn't have to wait, we had a table and two bottles waiting for us. The venue was great and they took care of everything! I have been to more parties organized by them and it's been always the same. Great places and perfect organization. I would totally ask KarMo to organize even my wedding!" -- Africa, Memorial Sloan Kettering